Floating Pontoon Bridge

Floating Pontoon Bridge (or pontoon bridge), also known as the floating bridge, uses floats to support a continuous deck for pedestrian and vehicle travel. The buoyancy of the supports limits the maximum load they can carry.The DEENTON pontoon bridge has enough bearing capacity to allow ordinary cars to pass smoothly. The floating bridge built with our products can be used for up to 15 years. Our pontoon bridge is widely used in scenic spots, ports, industrial parks and other water areas.

Product Details

Floating Pontoon Bridge from China

pontoon bridge (6)


Low cost

    Floating Pontoon Bridge cost is much lower than normal tranditional bridge. 

Easy to install

     The Floating Pontoon Bridge is easy to install with our modular floating cubes. You can install the Floating Pontoon Bridge by yourself with our technical support. 

Large loading capacity

    Loading capacity is up to 350KGS per square meter. It can support normal car to pass. 

Easy to dismantle

    It is also easy to remove the Floating Pontoon Bridge when it is not needed. 

Environmental protection

    It is made up of plastic floating cubes. our product has no drug and no polution. 

6. Long life

    Our products are made of plastic composite with additives. Lifespan is up to 15 years. 


◆ We can offer design and technical support to help build the Floating pontoon bridge.

We can also send our team to build the Floating pontoon bridge at site.