Twin Floating Cube

The pontoons of the construction can adapt to any specific lakeside residen's needs and can be assembled to correnspond with the shape or size you have in mind. The possible number of construction is unlimited. Only 2 people are needed to put together 50 cubes in a one hour period.The pontoon construction is very simple, blocks held together tightly and filmly with special connecting pins. All parts are light weight and easy to handle.

Product Details


Material:  High-density polyethylene (HDPE) 

Surface: Anti-Slip Dimensions: 1000x500x400 mm (Length/Width/Height) 

Weight: 14 ± 0.2 kg 

Floating Capacity: 700 kg per sq.m. 

The advantages of floating platform

1. Using HMWHDPE as raw material with other additives, making the cubes resistant to corrosion, frost, UV rays, oxygenation, chemical reactions and oil. It's also 100% recyclable, no pollution and absolutely environment friendly. 

2. Anti-sliping design on the surface and the round smooth corners avoid the dangers.

3. Stable and durable, maximum floating capacity: 350 kg/m2. 

4. Lifespan: More than 15 years life circle, need no maintenance almost. 

5. Cost effective, no pollution, maintenance free and less repair support. 

6. Accessories: Bollard, anti-crush fender, baluster, gangway and etc. 

7. The floating platform can raise and sink with water-level due to it's buoyancy, easy for passengers on and off board with safety and convenience.

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