Single Floating Cube

Modular pontoon cube is a basic unit of any floating construction; you can use our products to make useful and beautiful projects. Like floating dock, pier, fish farm, breakwater, walkway, swimming pool and so on.
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Product Details

Our floating system is a revolutionary modular floating pontoon. Its interlocking design offers excellent rigidity and stability on the water. Easy-to-use it can be used for several marine applications. Such as drive-on dock, PWC dock, dragon boat dock, floating swimming pool, fish farm cages, work platform, floating platform, floating restaurant or coffee shops, movable platform, floating bridge, floating walkway, etc. 


Material:  High-density polyethylene (HDPE) 

Surface: Anti-Slip Dimensions: 500x500x400 mm (Length/Width/Height) 

Weight: 7± 0.2 kg 

Floating Capacity: 350 kg per sq.m. 


Highly durable, Lifespan is above 15 years without any maintenance

Safety – Non-slip design on the top surface, No sharp corners l Simple to install or dismantle

Easy to transport – lightweight modular design 

Widely Adaptability – Modular design, suitable for a variety of complex environments and shapes of water 

Resistant to UV ray, frost, corrosion, chemicals and oil etc. making them suitably adapted for frost and harsh seawater conditions

Visually appealing – Color can be personalised to customer specifications 

Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable high density polyethylene (HDPE) 

Large range of accessories available