Single Float Cube

Single Float Cube is a basic unit of floating project; you can use our products to construct useful and beautiful projects such as floating dock, pier, fish farm, breakwater, walk way, pontoon, swimming pool and so on.

Product Details



1. Single Float pontoon is made of high molecular weight and high density synthetic material, which is the reinforced material of anti-corrosion, anti-freezing, anti-oxidation and anti-UV. It will not  be corroded by seawater, chemicals, oil stains and aquatic organisms. It is pollution-free and does not damage the environment.

2. The upper surface of the Single Float pontoonbody is designed with anti-skip pattern, which is safe and firm.


3. The four corners are arc obtuse angle shape, avoiding common dangers caused by cement, wood and iron facilities, such as slipping down, being punctured by debris and rusted nails.

4. Single Float pontoon has high bearing capacity. Buoyancy per square meter is over 350 kg. It is smooth and durable.

5. The service life of this single float pontoon is more than 15 years. Except for strong natural force and artificial improper use, it is not needed to spend any maintenance and maintenance costs.

6. It is easy to assemble, fast, flexible and diverse in shape. Modular structure is adopted as a whole, which can meet the needs of various landscapes and quickly change the platform shape.

7. The appearance of the platform is bright in color and beautiful in shape, which adds luster to the scenic spot and enhances the propaganda effect.

8. The cost of floating projects made up of float pontoon is economical. From a long-term point of view, it can save a large number of maintenance, replacement and maintenance costs and time.

9. Single Float pontoon supports equipments such as mooring bolts, cable piles, anti-collision balls, guardrails, landing gangways, etc. Thus it can reliably berth vessels of all sizes. And due to the buoyancy characteristics of floating platform on water, it can automatically rise and fall with the rise and fall of water level, so passengers can safely and comfortably board and board ships.


1.   Floating bridge

2.   Floating dock

3.   Floating walkway

4.   Floating resort

5.   Floating swimming pool

6.   Floating hut

7.   Floating fishing farm

8.   Floating garden

9.   Floating PV system

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