Maintenance Method Of Anti-corrosion Wood Floor

- Nov 14, 2018-

Dry weather in winter, the anti-corrosion wood floor will shrink due to water loss, the stitching gap increases, the researchers think. Winter weather is cold and dry, the moisture content in the laminate flooring should be maintained, and it can often be wiped with a wet mop to increase the surface humidity. If the laminate flooring has "cracking", it is generally recommended that professional maintenance personnel perform maintenance "replenishment of water", etc., and fill it up. According to the conclusions of our technicians, the way of different floor maintenance "water replenishment" is not the same.

Maintenance steps

1. First, simply sweep the anti-corrosion wood floor.

2, then simply clean the surface with a wet towel or rag

3. Repaint with special solid wax or anti-corrosion paint

4, after brushing the paint, wait for it to dry naturally (this time is absolutely not allowed to step on it)


The anti-corrosion wood floor gives the person the most comfortable feel, and its biggest enemy is sand. In winter, the sand is large, and it is best to avoid bringing the sand into the room during use so as not to damage the surface of the cork floor. We have to apply a solid wax to the "mask". It is recommended to wax twice a year.