J Life Jacket Purchase Knowledge

- Nov 14, 2018-

1. Sea life jacket: It is also the one we use the most. It uses EVA foam material inside, and it is compressed by 3D, and its thickness is about 4 cm (domestic production is 5-6 thin hair materials, thick about 5-7 cm), the life jackets produced according to the standard specifications have their buoyancy standards, generally 7.5 kg / 24 hours, which means that the adult can wear 7.5 kg after 24 hours of immersion in the sea. .

2. Automatic expansion life jacket: It is generally used for boat fishing. The interior uses double-layer high-strength chemical materials. In case of falling water, press the right button, the left side will automatically take in air, and the reflector will store the air until it is full. The buoyancy of the life jacket is 10 kg / 24 hours, but it should be prevented from coming into contact with the reef to prevent damage.

3. Iris fishing straddle-type life jacket: Rock fishing supplies, he has a pair of buttons in front, you need to pull it when you put it on. In addition, the life jacket has a pair of elliptical illuminators on the chest or shoulders, which are mainly used for rescue at sea. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to whether to open the seams, and then consider the color tone and fabric.

To ensure their longevity, brush each time inside and outside with a brush after each use, then rinse with water and let it dry in a ventilated place. The brand-name fishing life vest not only has the function of a common life vest, but also has reflective and illuminating warning strips and the same pocket device as the fishing vest, so that the fisherman can increase the safety and have enough space to place the fishing gadgets.