Distinguish Between Swimming Ring And Lifebuoy

- Nov 14, 2018-

The swim ring is not a lifebuoy and should never be used as a lifesaving appliance. The swimming ring and the lifebuoy are not the same as the national standard. The lifebuoy is a life-saving function. It has many auxiliary functions. The swimming ring is defined as a water toy, and only the swimming ring standard is used. Therefore, compared with the real lifebuoy, the toy swim ring is easy to break and leak, the pressure resistance is very poor, it is easy to burst, the plastic surface is wet and slippery, it is difficult to grasp, and can only play a certain role in the leisure sports on the water. Auxiliary or protective, dangerous if brought to deep water.

Due to the uneven quality of lifebuoy products, different prices and different application scopes, the lifebuoys that meet the configuration requirements should be carefully selected when purchasing.

1. Qualified lifebuoy products shall have relevant material inspection reports, type test reports and ship bolt inspection certificates.

2. At present, the reference cost price of domestic qualified lifebuoy products is: polystyrene cloth lifebuoy is about 55 yuan / only, and skinned polyethylene lifebuoy is about 100 yuan / only. Therefore, a lifebuoy with an excessively cheap price is likely to be a product that cuts corners and should be carefully purchased.

3. Under the condition of condition, the merchant is required to carry out the necessary verification on the project indicators such as the weight of the lifebuoy, the quality of the suture, the strength, the floating property, the high temperature resistance and the resistance to damage according to the requirements of the standard specifications.