Anticorrosive Wood Floor

- Nov 14, 2018-

The anti-corrosion wood floor is the name of the finished product after the ordinary wood has been treated by anti-corrosion treatment. The ordinary wood floor has been greatly improved after being treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and has achieved the functions of anti-corrosion, mildew proof, anti-mite and termite prevention.

Today's wood flooring is one of the most widely used woods in the world. Open-air wooden flooring specially designed for outdoor use, and can be directly used in the environment of contact with water and soil. It is an outdoor wooden floor, garden landscape floor, outdoor wooden platform, terrace floor, outdoor wood plank and other outdoor wood preservative pergola. Preferred material.

The floor with added preservative is called chemical anti-corrosion wood floor. The preservatives added to chemical anti-corrosion wood floor mainly include: CCA, ACQ, CAB. The main component of CCA is copper chromium arsenic. The main component of ACQ is ammonia-soluble alkylamine copper. The main component of CAB is copper enamel.

There is also a kind of anti-corrosion wood flooring known as physical wood preservative - carbonized wood flooring, also known as heat-treated wood flooring. Carbonized wood flooring carbonizes the effective nutrients of wood and achieves anti-corrosion by cutting off the nutrient chain of decaying bacteria. It is a true green building material and environmentally friendly building materials.