Water buoy

- Nov 14, 2018-

A closed metal cylinder floating on the water, and the lower part is fixed with an iron anchor for mooring or making a navigation mark. In addition, there is a new type of buoy which is made of strong polymer polyethylene and other materials. It has good weather resistance and impact resistance, and can resist ultraviolet rays, antifreeze and seawater chemical oil stains. It can automatically rise and fall as the tide rises and falls. It is widely used in the construction of floating platform projects such as pontoons and floating docks.

Scope of application:

Water platform, marina, water pontoon, water leisure platform, speedboat pier, floating dock, sightseeing platform,

Water restaurant, water park, water wooden house, water stage, sea bath, water pool, ferry, cage culture,

A series of water works such as construction buoys, engineering construction and water recreation facilities.