The Modular Buoy

- Mar 14, 2019-

The buoy is harmless to the environment and basically requires no maintenance. whether it is deep water, water, salt water or fresh water. Frozen water hot water, clean water sewage, almost as long as there is water, and the pontoon can make the best use of it.


This modular buoy can be combined into any shape meeting you personalized need. Simple and quick installation and disassembly, environmentally friendly, lightweight, stable and safe, low maintenance. It is widely used for the construction of floating platform projects such as pontoons and floating docks. The float has gradually become popular all over the world.


Application :

    Marina Walkway

    Speed Boat Dock & Jetty

    Working Platform

    Repair Platform

    Staging Platform

    Equipment Loading & Storing

    Navy & Law Enforcement Mobile Jetties

    Aquaculture & Fish Farming

    Solar Farming / Floating Solar Platform


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