Floating Pontoon

- Nov 14, 2018-

The pontoon is a relaxed fitness method in the United States, which has the advantage that it can lower blood pressure.

The United States is a country that leads the world in fashion. The elderly Americans who are full of personality are not to be outdone. Their preferred fitness methods are also different.

Float, when we didn't know the word, the American old man had boldly tried to use it to get fit. In fact, the so-called pontoon is made of FRP as a raw material. When used, it will inject a certain concentration of salt water and natural fragrance into the box. When an elderly friend comes to the spa, you can enjoy the service: you only need to immerse yourself in the pontoon, which is half-floating. The door is closed, and as the water temperature rises, the aroma becomes stronger and stronger, and some fragrances allow the bodybuilder to gradually enter a high-quality deep sleep state.

The benefit of a pontoon is that it lowers blood pressure, softens blood vessels, and reduces stroke and heart attack. At the same time, it can prevent and treat a variety of skin diseases. Older friends can fully enjoy the health care and treatment effects of the floating box during the process of relaxing and rest. The pontoon is a very relaxing way to exercise.