Buoy Advantages and Applications

- Mar 08, 2019-

The new environment-friendly material is manufactured. The buoy is made of high molecular weight and high density synthetic material and UV agent is added to make the product free from the erosion of sea water and pollutants without damaging the environment. 

1. Wear-resistant and non-slip design. The buoy surface is designed with square pattern, so it is safe and stable; The four corners are designed with arc chamfer to make walking on them more stable and safe.


2. Economic type, reasonable buoy price, economic, and huge cost saving for the scenic spot.


3. High life, the service life of this product is more than 15 years, and no cost and other maintenance costs are needed, except for strong natural disasters and artificial improper use.


4. High load-bearing capacity, with buoyancy of more than 350kg per square meter, capable of bearing larger machines to operate on.


6. Complete accessories, such as balustrades, anti-collision barrels, yacht parking, anchor, etc.Make our quay handy.


5. Flexible and diverse, simple, convenient and fast pontoon assembly, adopting flexible monomer combination, which can meet the needs of various scenic spots and make various water platforms with various structures.


At present, our products have been widely used in all kinds of water scenic area, such as leisure pontoon bridge, yachts, water corridor, water stage, water pool, customized speedboat dock, customized floating bridge, customized approach bridge and other supporting facilities, was liked by the majority of users.