Approach Bridge

- Nov 14, 2018-

Approach bridge refers to the span of a bridge that is located at both ends of the main bridge instead of a high embankment.

Approach bridge: When constructing a water bridge, in order to allow a large vessel to pass smoothly under the bridge, there must be enough headroom under the bridge hole, so the bridge must be made higher. When the bridge is built high, the slope between the bridge and the two sides will increase, which will seriously affect the traffic on the upper and lower decks. The approach bridge is the "transition" between the bridge and the road. The road surface is gradually raised or lowered gradually, so that the vehicle can smoothly bridge the upper and lower decks.

1. A bridge connecting the main bridge and the embankment.

2. The part from the approach bridge abutment to the main bridge hole, such as the two-shore land bridge, called the approach bridge.

3. The purpose of the approach bridge is to reduce the force of the car parallel to the downward force of the approach bridge.